Iron Pony

One should carry a mop while wearing this shirt.woot to counter the hazardous wet floor conditions which will undoubtedly occur as others drool in envy.

I’m having visions of Ghost Rider here

“Condition: McQueen.” Steve McQueen WIN!

a.mar.illo, wasn’t this somewhere rather recently? Not that I’m complaining, but I swear I saw this up for voting only about a month ago at a site.

I could be wrong, but wow.

I would have liked a different piece, but thanks woot for putting up an a.mar.illo here.

One should also be very brave. That flock of birds looks scary.

Hell yes! Good reason to buy.

whats with the misc. stuff around the bike?

My guess is Jay Leno would be willing to purchase this from you for his collection.

I however will not be purchasing this. Thanks.

hey woot, go proofread your Don’t Wear This Shirt: section. sheesh.

And a very nice daily. Anyone know what bike that is?

One question: Does it fly?

How the heck does someone steer this thing without handlebars?

Am I missing something?

Really good shirt, and it almost looks as it is glow in the dark. The formations of the birds is quite clever. However, this shirt is not for me. I’m almost certain that many will pick it up. BTW McQueen RULES!

It MUST fly then! :smiley:

Boy, I almost never hate shirts, but I hate this one.

Hope you all enjoy, though.

hmmm…i wonder if that’s because it’s referred to in the writeup…

nature vs. city? I’m pondering the X in the center…

The rider of this bike must have ridiculously good balance seeing as to how this bike doesn’t have handle bars…

It might not be drool you’re cleaning up. Remember, this shirt will inspire fear as well as awe.

Why do the birds look like the bird’s from the Hollister logo?