Irons, Man

I’m playing some 2008 Nike irons and I’m looking to upgrade.

I can’t find anything about the differences between the vrs x and vrs s models.

Any help, anyone?

From what I can tell… since they didn’t put the correct image for the VRS X model is that they are from the same cast just different years of the same model. The Next COR label location is in a different location and the VRS x model has a little (X) next to VR but is absent from the VRS S version. Other than that, my guess is they are the same.

I’m wanting to upgrade from my $100 set from Walmart, just now getting around to it. I want something different and something that fits me. (5 ft. 8 in.). I try to get out and go golfing in the summer as much as I can. If anything I will golf at least once a month from Spring-Fall (6-12 times a year) I was wondering if it’s worth the extra $170ish for the Taylormades… and if so would it be better to go Graphite or Steel. Plus give up 3 for the Approach Wedge or vise versa.

Just wondering if it’s worth the extra

Wilson Staff Ci11 4-PW Iron Set (Steel) $230

TaylorMade RocketBladez 3-PW Tour Iron Set (Steel) $370

TaylorMade Rocketballz Graphite 4-PW,AW Iron Set (Graphite) $400

Any idea what brand shafts are in the TaylorMade TP MB Forged?

I don’t know anything about these particular clubs, but unless you’re a very good golfer, you won’t get much use out of a 3 iron. Even a 4 iron is pretty tough to hit, and you might be better off replacing those clubs with a hybrid.

An approach wedge can be a valuable club. For example, you may find you hit your sand wedge at most 100 yards, and your pitching wedge 125. The approach wedge makes it easier to hit 110-115 yards.

Not saying you should definitely get the set with the approach wedge, especially if it costs a lot more, just that that club will be more useful to you than a 3 iron.

I can’t say for certain, but I believe all TM TP’s come with KBS Tour… I could be VERY wrong though, so don’t take my word for it.

Edit: Take TaylorMade’s word for it.

Personally, I don’t think I would. I have some TaylorMade R9’s, and golf about the same amount as you. In retrospect, I wish I would have got something a little cheaper. Wilson Staff (not to be confused with plain ol’ Wilson) are some great budget friendly clubs, I don’t think they’ll let you down. Rocketbladez are going to be pretty unforgiving, as most blades are, and I’ve heard good things about the Rocketballz.

Again, all that being said, I’d get the Wilson Staff and put that extra money towards some lessons or more golf.

Edit: As far as graphite or steel, we don’t know anything about you, however, in irons, graphite is TYPICALLY used for older players or women who have lower swing speeds.

…Thanks people for the insight… :smiley:

I saw that too…but I have seen them with Dynamic Gold and that does change things a little. Thanks for looking…any woot dudes take a look for me? If they have the KBS I’ll buy them.

I want to know the shaft as well? Think it’s pretty shady not to give that little nugget of information!

Valid point for sure. Pretty big difference between the KBS and the Dynamic Gold… Glad wooters are so smart!

The Rocketbladez do say which shaft. I am guessing you are looking at the DG with forged irons. I decided to check another site…bought the rocketbladez tour 3 - 6 and the forged 7 - pw for a similar price. KBS stiff shaft.
I almost bit on the Rocketbladez, but really wanted the blades for the lower irons…so it worked out.

Graphite has actually gotten a lot better in regards to swing stiffness. They use to be used solely for older players or women because they are lighter than steel shafts so they help you pull the clubhead around as well as “flexing” at a certain swing speed to basically cause the clubhead to gain more speed right before you hit the ball.

The newer graphite shafts are now a stiffer flex to be similar to a traditional steel iron shaft, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the “flex”. I still use steel shafts because to me they feel more solid and I don’t like the flex feeling when I hit the ground. I just feel like the steels sheer through the ground better when I’m taking a divot.

You probably need to give more information about how you play more than how often you play for us to give you a better idea of what you need.

Wilson is usually cheaper because well… less marketing budget = less overhead so the clubs will be cheaper when they aren’t paying Tiger Woods $20 million a year to use their clubs. I like the topline look of that club, but I’m currently using blades (Cleveland CG1 Black Pearl). As far as how they feel hitting, I have no idea. I returned a set of Taylormade’s because even though I hit it straight, I didn’t like the feel of when I hit the ball off the face and I hated the sound of the ball. It made this tink noise. I think it was the Taylormade R6 set or something.

Taylormade bladez/ballz I hear are good clubs. I actually am suppose to pick up a speedbladz 6 iron to test from Golfsmith, but they didn’t have it when I tried to pick it up a couple months ago so I haven’t gone back.

Set Range… I prefer hitting with more wedges then trying to hit farther. I think you’ll use an AW more than a 3 if you don’t plan on just going out and buying additional wedges. I basically carry in my bag a Driver, 3 Wood, 2 Hybrid, 3-9, PW, SW, 60 degree, and Putter.

We just checked with our vendor, these clubs will come with True Temper Dynamic Gold XP Steel.

For anyone interested in the Cobra AMPs, it looks like the 4-GW Steel RH set is on sale for $259 via ebay:

Crazy good deal for these only wish they had the stiff shaft option.

Got to disagree with this. Such a stereotype.

I’m in my 40’s, played a little over 2 years, shoot low 90’s typically, but hit my 3 iron better than a lot of pros. (Not as far though!)

Good job I do though, since I can’t hit my fairway woods for s%*t! :slight_smile:

These are not the “tour” irons (even though it had “tour” in the description). You can tell by the lofts, the regular CG16 has a 27 degree six iron (picture shown here), while the tour version has a 27 degree 5 iron. This distinction may be significant to some as I was actually looking for the “tour” version.