iRozce 300W Portable Power Station

iRozce 300W Portable Power Station

I bought the last power station they offered like this and it didn’t work properly. I tried to contact the mfgr and they never responded. So I contacted Woot and they offered $30 back. I lost over $100 on this nonsense. I might still be bitter.


This is the same price as the mother ship, given the mothership has a $60 coupon. I am always disappointed when woot has the same prices as the mothership.

Likely a 3rd party vendor added the coupon to compete with us. I’ve let the tools team know.

…and free shipping for non-Prime users!

If you purchase on the Woot! App, you get an addition 10% off, too.

I don’t see any 10% discount on the Woot! App. Same price as it is here on the website.

You’ll see the discount applied at check out.


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Never trust an Amazon product where the brand name = random letters from a hat.

Anyone know what solar panel thingies would work with this?

As long the solar panel can charge 12 volt systems, you should be able to charge this device with any of them. Charge time is based on a single 100 watt panel.

Thanks, skunk. any good value recs?

I am not an expert on solar panels. Amazon has a big selection of them. Just read the reviews to find a good one.