Is anyone on?


Do you ever find yourself browsing the forums and posting, only to get no response?
If you have, this thread is for you! Simply post here, “is anyone here?” and see if anyone responds. If no one responds, it’s probably time to go to bed.

Also ONLY POST ONCE ON THE FIRST PAGE PLEASE i’m serous about this, that way you can edid this post and tell people if your online if you post more than once on the first page, this won’t work

Status: loging off (7:36) 5/15/06


Currently: Twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to be 3am (just over 3 more hours)
Edit: Down to 150min




But…I can’t edit. :frowning:

Status I’m here now. Sun 12:54

Are you serious, we are going to log on and off all the time? The page will fill up in a minute!

Except for me, cause I can’t edit. :frowning:
Well, I can , but it is a big production.
Now everytime I go somewhere I need to tell you? Bummer.


WTF, this is from months ago???
I"ll get you pblgov!!!




Hang on , I’m trying to go back and fix your name.


thats ok


Did it. That is a pain in the a$$. Took two tries.


told you it wasnt worth it


Is anyone off?


AHHH, Just one post!

It was kinda a dumb Idea…


AHHH, Just one post!

It was kinda a dumb Idea…


Hmmm…in a round about way, yes.


I gotta tell you, Fen, this was a complicated idea in a killingtime sort of way. Way to go!


What I really want to know is, “on what?”


the pill


Hey im online its:
Monday Aug 21, 2006
6:44 US east