Is it just me?


Is it just me, or do people do this sort of thing to feel loved? (post on internet blog sites)
Is it just me, or is toast really the only source of solice in the universe?
Is it just me, or does brittain need to expand their empire again?
Is ikt just me, or do i need to stop talking?
Is it just me, or does enternet “chat speak” (W0_ot! I IZ T3h Winn3r! sort of thing) really drive everyone crazy?
Is it justme, or do geeks really make up the entire population of IBM emplyees?
Is it just me, or does the US need to stop screwing with the rest of the world?
Is it just me, or has Germany lost all sense of its past culture?
Is it just me, or Was Einstein doing acid?

Or is it justYOU?

  1. Just you
  2. Just you
  3. Just you
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Just you
  7. Just you
  8. Who cares?
  9. Just you
  10. No.


//sets fire to the whole pointless bunch of questions.


Why didn’t I think of that?


Twink, from me to you…









//burns the unread links


//burns Josephus’ slide ruler


//burns killingtime’s torch.


no, its also crazyace



look ya’ll forgot the most important bit

//sets fire to twink

It’s a good thing that I’m willing to do the menial labor here…