Is it possible to change usernames?

Is it possible to change usernames without creating a whole new account?

probably, but not easily. try asking a dozen cupcakes mite help too.

No. Sorry. :confused: It’s your forever-name.

Hmm, okay. Is it possible to get the 2 accounts linked somehow so if someone searches for me they will see designs from both usernames?

Ok, I think I misunderstood. I think the “artist name” is editable. Lemme check with Ocho on that one.

Yes, the artist name is editable. I could also tag your designs with a different name so that when someone searches that name, your designs will appear. Did you want to change your username or do you already have two accounts with designs under both of them?

I only have one account now, I’d like to change thatquietgir1 to SoulCat if possible. Thanks!

As a side note, perhaps ADQ’s Ass could be linked? – it doesn’t come up under @agingdragqueen. Likewise, and if she’s down for it, @profhotpants/Barbara’s designs too.

Yeah…link dat ass.

HOW DO I CHANGE MY NAME!? Unfortunately I just used an email name for my account back in the day when I was merely a consumer of Woot, before I became an artist on woot… Now I am stuck with my ever boring name…

Also If my names could be linked that would be great! When I search my name “Luke Stiner” I get a slightly different store then when I search stiluk35.

If you can fix that I would be forever grateful. Thanks!

I thought it might interest you to know that your current handle always gets my attention. Whether you meant it this way or not, your name symbolizes (to me anyway) someone who appears quiet and unobtrusive on the outside, but who is “anything but quiet” on the inside! In other words, Someone with a quiet exterior who’s actually very active & creative in the brains department. A very cool name, imo. :slight_smile:

While I’m on the subject, I might as well relate how I ended up with the name “Inatangle.”

It was not my first choice. I wanted a name that had something to do with collie dogs, since I own one and am crazy about them.

I picked the name of show collie from the 1960’s, but the name turned out to be too long. I wasn’t happy with it. On top of that, I forgot the password that went with it anyhow. I created another account, solely so that I could log into Woot and write someone for help. I picked the name “Inatangle” because I really Was in a tangle!

Creating that new account kind of backfired. I loved the Avatar that I was assigned! I was afraid that if I got my name changed to the collie type name that I wanted, I would lose it.

Finally my husband helped me to get my normal email address switched to my Inatangle account, and I left it that way. I still like my Avatar very much. :slight_smile: