Is That A Speaker In Your Pocket?

ROGETRAY poses the ultimate question here:

Don’t want the love of your life to leave and you think carrying around a boombox playing Peter Gabriel will make them come back? Carry something lighter than Lloyd Dobler did. What song would you play on these to win them back?


I have the Microbeat Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth Technology.

It is surprisingly loud for being so small. I was actually very impressed. Fully charged the battery lasts for quite a while. I was using this to watch Netflix on my tablet for almost 2 nights in a row before I had to recharge.

The suction cup is garbage though, the magnet on the back of the speaker is basically strong enough to hold the speaker upright on a horizontal surface. Don’t think just because it comes with a suction cup you can go sticking this thing on walls or the ceiling because it’s not gonna happen. has it for 29.95 with free shipping. 4$ cheaper after shipping costs. Woot needs to pick it up. I’m finding better prices elsewhere a lot lately.

Feel free to show us some links when we’re doing price comparisons! :slight_smile:

I purchased two of the Microbeats speakers when they were on a couple months ago. One arrived D.O.A. I got them to replace a $10 iHome speaker. The sound is ok at best. I happen to like the magnetic suction cup feature. I stick in my shower and stream Sirius or Pandora from my phone. That part is great!!!

not sure if you’re serious, but…

of course she’s serious.
any time you find a lower price, provide a link so we can A) verify that it’s the same product, then B) take that information to the higher-ups & see about getting the price matched.

sometimes we can; sometimes we can’t. but if we don’t get proof from our savvy community, all we can do is kick rocks.

(incidentally, thanks for posting your link. it’s not technically through amazon, but it’s helpful nonetheless.)

The grandmax bluetooth portable speaker is pretty cool. It’s the same size as a cupcake when extended. The volume is good for the size, the quality is fine. While using bluetooth sometimes it will cut out for a split second. For $30 it may still be a little pricey but I’m not upset I took the chance on the little guy. The hardware seems to be quality. It is simple to use…satisfied customer