Is the woot-off staged?


Does woot really sell out of all the 18,504 items it sells in one day and pocket over $500,000? Do they fake some items selling out to incite you into a buying frenzy? Discuss.


If you buy something for the sake of buying it Woot! deserves your money.


funny, I never thought that the stuff was free for them. I’m just guessing, but my thought is that they have to buy the stuff they sell, so they don’t pocket all the money that gets spent…


I believe they do sell out of most, if not all, the products in a Woot-off… mind you, an item can experience a half-Woot-life and be pulled down during a Woot-off. Then, they will stick up another item.

Yet, in this Woot-off, I think they sold it all. Here is your homework… Woot does NOT post how many they were selling unless it sells out. Go and look to see if any of the items do not have that information.


Not to mention:

Labor Expenses
Shipping Expenses
Facility Rent
Cap Ex stuff
and so on…



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//grabs ball peen hammer

//flattens kulivontot

//adds kulivontot to zoo compost heap

I freaking hate when people post something with a “DISCUSS” added to it.

Like I don’t have better things to do than being somone’s puppet.

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Whoa! In a bad mood, are we?


Not at all, I made the first part of Coq au Vin tonight…

I’m in a great mood actually…


Oh, no, your picture’s not showing up.


And for that - people will die…


Just that supid little red X.




Um, I think you’ve put on a little weight there. Perhaps you’d best lay off the coq au vin?



After all, the more girth I put on, the harder to kill I am…


Hey, I got a hold of a whole 18 wheeler full of snack food today! You are set for any task you need to undertake!




Two reasons.

  1. Bigger - slower

  2. Bigger - better target

You’re going to get that round little bottom shot off.


No Cheetos.


That’s what the squirrels are for.

I’m talking of times of drought and famine - I have the edge…


Well, if a drought or famine looms on the horizon, you’re all set. Until then, best keep your ass down.