Is there a PDA format for woot?


The subject asks the question. Any plans? Anybody else want this?



I do.
This site is a pain in the ass to read on my PSP while I use the john at six in the morning.
The formatting is just crazy bad on it for some reason,


On yer PSP while ya P?? TMI!!!


hey I was just keeping it real.

a little too real maybe


<snicker> Hope it’s waterproof [:D]


I check woot while im out on my pda just fine. And I never do it on the pot. Heard to many bad stories about hundreds of dollars going down the toilet. Remember its not just your unit. Its your memory cards too. I have a hp ipaq 4700 and if I drop it in the toilet I not only am out the $650 for the unit but also out for the$100 warranty, my 512mb compact flash and 2gig sd card. Almost a grand. probably over a grand after tax. Anyway while woot works okay on my ipaq a pda friendly skin would be nicer. Sometimes I can’t get the whole picture on my pda cuz it is so big.