Is there a reason that 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 hasn't been posted in this forum yet?


On a tech-oriented site such as this, I’m suprised I haven’t seen others posting this. Is Woot actively censoring this? If so, sorry. Heck, I’ve seen a couple of the Woot Trackers listing this on their pages as well in support of it.


i don’t think so… most of the people in this section of the site probably don’t know what that is or have much interest in it

we’ll see if you get banned though! :wink:


Oh wait, World of Woot had it. My bad, didn’t think it would be in there.


Sorry, but we’re still up in arms about Beta vs. VHS over here.


those kids are in for a nasty shock


especially when their three handed (one disembodied) dad shoots out his face while simultaneously launching rockets at them!


i think you might need to re-take that peace game class…


heh heh