Is there such a thing as too big or too much?


As I browse the local Fry’s electronics ad, I cannot help but wonder to myself, why in the world does someone need 750 GB of storage on their computer? I realize the OS continues to hog more and more space, however i sit here with most of my 80 GB drive empty.

Aside from one fella I work with who has decided he will provide a back-up for his local BlockBuster, I am at a loss. Being a dutiful consumer, I figure I better start shopping for a TB hard drive. I am looking to the choppers and shoppers in Wootyland, to tell me what fills up that massive empty bit bucket.




He asked, you answered.


It’s readily available, streamable, flashable, quicktimeable, why bother to store endless hours?


Pay once or every time?


I guess it depends on how…clears throat …“big” …the file is!


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what is the difference?


Trouble maker.


That is what you are thinking with? I thought it was something else.


Perhaps i suffer from hard drive envy.

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hahaha! cutlery! anywho sorry to hijack your thread, back to the original question, friend has every cd ever made basically. filled up 500gb external with music, some movies to throw on ipod too. But if you don;t need it (i don’t) then don’t buy it…

edit, oh yeah some apps for graphics development eat up alot of memory.


Never a v8rh8r I assure you. My assumption was movies and music. And as my daughter is becoming a chopper herself, i can see how the apps and files can chew up the space.

It is the nature of consumerism to demand more, and as the size continued to grow, i assumed (yes I know the rules about ass u me) that there was some sort of demand that I was missing out on.


is there such a thing as too much YES!

You can fill it with pron

… or you can spend your life wasting away in pastiness as you play video games. I filled up my hard drive fairly quick it seems as I kept installing games. Wooohoo for video games!


Storing video files of all your favorite tv sows, so you don’t have to worry about when they come on.


Not if it’s all yours!


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What comes after a terrabyte?