Is this some kind of a programmers joke?

This whole page is nuts! I figure that it’s one of 2 things;

a. A Chinese Spammer paid a big long visit to Woot and left a zillion posts

b. There’s a program glitch that put normal English into binary codes

I’m wondering if my own post here will look like a bunch of gobble de gook also. At any rate, I’d love an explanation of what’s going on here.

Instead of “Everything but Woot” this has become “Anything but Woot.”

I’m in English!!! Looks like this is a bunch of Spam!!! Don’t have time to report it, and I’m not sure how to anyway… yeeks!

Not Chinese.
Looks Korean?

yes, if there are circles it’s definitely Korean.

for future reference, to report it click on “tattle” next to reply!