Is this the Last Crap of the Year?

I am signed in, but it wouldn’t get to my cart because I had to sigh in. Arrrrrgggg! even though I am already signed in. I missed it.

Got one! Guessing I will be disappointed. At least there will be excitement while waiting.

I logged in and refreshed at just the right time to snag one! Guess I’m just lucky.

Darn just missed out. Whats the best crap someone has gotten?

Now this has been a year to remember. 4th BOC of the year. WOOOOOOOT - HOOOOOOOOO!!

Congrats crappers!

As always, like last night and just now, there’s a ton left, add it to the cart, but can’t make it to the check out. So. Irritating.

locked up between…Crap

snagged a bag of crap! Only my second one ever!

7 years and I finally snag one YES!!!

My phone and my computer locked up when I got it in the cart. Closest I’ve gotten in about 5 years.

My first BOC since 2008 :slight_smile: yay!

got canceled after checkout :frowning:

Ya, same here. I had even logged in less than an hour before. Come on Woot, if you are forcing people to re-login at least “reserve” their item for a few minutes so it can still be purchased.

Another crap.

Last crap wasn’t worth the TP I used to wipe with this morning…but the anticipation is worth so much more! Crappy crapping to all for the remainder of the WOot-ofF!

The crap-masters will tell you this is an exercise in patience, persistence and perseverance.

Remember also, those who did not crap today shall now only be disappointed for a moment. Those of us who did crap will be disappointed for a lifetime.

When I see an item get down to 5% I go to “Stuff you bought” to make sure I am logged in…

If I have been inactive on the site for more than about 10 minutes it will make me log in again. Just a good way to check before item change…

The login (and server load) got me too. But I’ll be honest, I like the login at least a bit. I assume it helps prevent bots from just grabbing all of the bags within milliseconds. But this may be an entirely wrong opinion/fact on why they do it.

I officially blame my boss for missing this BOC! He was even warned that no work would be done today since there’s a Woot off.

I missed as well, alas, hoping for one more “last”…

I couldn’t really say which Breakfast Of Champions has been my best, however, because just last week I finished compiling all of mine into a Care Package for my sister-in-law–who is a teacher in Georgetown, SC…my brother & his family lost nearly everything in the horrific floods in SC a couple months ago, & it is an already-impoverished school district. Most everything I received from Woot & gave to my sis-in-law is now in the hands of school children who lost so much, and who think everything is totally awesome–because in the eyes of those who have very little, there is very little or no disappointment:)

Thanks, Woot, for a fantastic year! Hope to get one more chance before 2015 comes to an end–if not, you’ve made a whole lot of people very happy along the way in 2015 & Cheers to 2016:)