Is this wine too old?

I’ve been getting into wine more and more lately, but I am still quite a novice. I have a bottle that I have been cellaring: Louis M. Martini los Ninos Cabernet Sauvignon from 1984.

These were meant to be aged a long time, and preferably consumed on the 21st birthday (which would have been 2005). Have I waited too long, or will this still be a good wine for a while longer?

You should ask this over on wine.woot. They’d be able to tell you.

Lady Poof,

doesn’t ebw appear on wine.woot? where should this question be posted? assuming jhombi did not buy this bottle on wine.woot, then it doesn’t belong in a product thread, nor in world of wine.woot …

Mr. 1,
Again, you’re absolutely right. Although I do think it could be posted on the product thread and those nice people would be able to answer jhombi’s question.

lady poof,

you’re right, too!

If you decide it is too old, feel free to send it to me. I’ll dispose of it.

Might find some info over at…I dunno myself. Just open that sucker up and see.

I was not sure if I could discuss non-woot wine. The ‘rules’ made it sound as I couldn’t.

I’ve done due diligence on google looking up the wine and checking cellar tracker, etc but this wine has not come up. =/

I’ll probably just end up cracking it open, letting it decant for awhile and give it a shot.

i think it should be ok still but let it decant and use your nose to detect a vinegar smell…if all else fails recork and save to use as no see um bait :wink: