Is woot obsession the same as a grandma's discount store fever?


I was told this morning that my woot fixation is just like my MIL’s fascination with buying deeply discounted items at Marc’s. Could this be? Could my obsession with woot be akin to a 77 year old depression era woman’s desire to snap up anything of clearly reduced price value? I never thought of woot as a sort of one-item Big Lots. It’s the opposite really. Big Lots and Marc’s have a lot of cheap stuff, but woot only has a lot of one thing (woot-offs notwithstanding).

I can tell you that none of these discount stores make me get up first thing in the morning and check their websites! None of them make me gripe FOR DAYS about missing a sale on 250 Gig Hard drives.

But maybe I do have just a little bit more of an understanding of my MIL now.


Yes. Just wait until you miss out on the BOC, a bunch of stuff you would never buy, but you are mad for days about the server error.


It is an obssession for me. I use to stay up every night even though I knew I would only get 5 hours of sleep.

Then I started staying up only on the weekends, even though I would be ready for bed at 11, I would stay up until 1 just to see. It is madness!