Is your floor wearing a rug?

Time to throw down on these rugs, everyone!

Not the best move for Woot to get involved with high-priced rugs.

Most of your target market has a fair sense of a sustainable value range, and with the economy’s stability being as questionable as it currently is, promoting outside of your consistent loyalty is simply counterproductive.

I respect your opinion, but disagree. I would love to see Woot get more of these, especially in the smaller sizes, but including up to 7 X 10. Th
einb a “newbe” in the field might allow them an opportunity to obtain better prices. Keep up the good work, Woot!

Really? For $400.00 Dollars? I’ll go to Home Depot and get one there for $50.00. Who would pay $400.00 for something your just going to walk on?

No you list a Quality laptop for $400.00 and I’ll “Throw Down”.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

P.S. That was written beautifully I might add!