ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar

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ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Woot sells these all the time now i feel like!

Will this work with P90X?

I bought one of these and I love it, and USE it.

Pffffft. You exaggerate.

At this price is it worth out?

bring on the monkeys!!!

I’m getting one. Why, just the other day, some beach brute kicked sand in my face and stole my girl!

I am sitting here drinking woot wine and my wife made me buy this for her. good thing because I am far to lazy to use it.

Americans will never adopt the Isometric system.

How in the world am I to find 7 WHOLE seconds to work out?!

does this come with arrows?

Amazon reviewers do not have nice things to say.

I doing Isometric Situps right now…which means that I’m slouched in my chair while gravity is pushing on my body.

not another Apple product! iSometrics

Snickers is my preferred workout bar.

What is the megapixel count?


Apparently, you can’t compress past 165. Do I need to buy a ISO 8X when I get really strong and need to get to 166?