ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar

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ISO 7X Isometric Workout Bar
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Does this come with one of the old Charles Atlas comics from waaaayyyy back when?



… in your wallet… and when you get denied a BOC

I bought one to practice buying crap.

Hello, 1972…Bullworker Calling!

Not a bad price…I think I paid $10. If used properly, it actually does work on certain areas. Instructions are funky though

Hmm… I bought 3.

Now to figure out what it is…

Just got Woot’s email about this product being recalled. Unfortunately the link on Ontel’s front page page just points to the CPSC page here

So I guess you just have to call Ontel… or maybe have your lawyer call them :wink: