ISO Beauty Tools

A couple reviews of Proliss tools:

Are the shampoo/conditioner product safe on color treated hair?

Well, a couple say they’re for repairing chemically damaged/treated hair. Other than that, we don’t have specific info for color-treated hair.

Do the flat irons have variable temperature settings? If so, what’s the range?

Argon oil. Either total quackery or someone needs spellcheck.

**“Argon” **
Yep, been waiting for someone to notice that.
Much better for tactile use.
Sure Argon is a noble gas, but it is a gas, nonetheless.
Also, while washing & conditioning one’s hair, using Argon could be fatal.
Argan, not so much.

Hmmmmmm. Shall investigate. Thanks!

I have long, thin & fine post-chemotherapy hair regrowth, and am a bit hesitant to expose it to new products. Several months ago, I decided to try ionix based on my research of hair care, ingredients and their claimed properties. The bottled ionix shampoo & conditioner as well as other ionix hair care wares work quite well - I now use pretty much all of them.
Obviously, my hair will have issues with what is used on it, but so far, it hasn’t “said” anything bad about any ionix item.

I’ve shaved my head for over 15 years now. But I have to ask, is a 2000 watt hair dryer even practical. My wife overloads the 15 amp bathroom breaker with a 1750 watt hair dryer. A 2000 watt hair dryer will exceed the load on a 15 amp circuit pretty easily, right? Bathrooms have 15 amp circuits typically, correct?