:frowning: OH GOD WALDO


Oscar the Grouch would’ve caught him.

He “won” The Game.

So this is what happens to Waldo when you can’t find him… Waldo takes this game way to seriously apparently.

Remember when you used to check out the big “Where’s Waldo” hardcovers from the school library, just to get home to find that some jerk had circled Waldo on every page?

Gray-ved – Or perhaps you’ve used that one.


Ok, stopping now before this takes up the rest of my night.

This is too painful, like watching the outcome of my fate in a parallel universe. One time my cousin came over and we played hide-and-go-seek… I hid in the linen closet for three and a half hours. The three and a half darkest hours of my life.

Apparently Waldo couldn’t hide from the reaper…

Waldo, if you only wore a kick ass printed tee instead… I’d have gone out with you.

tear flick

Forget Waldo. Where’s that wizard?

Meanwhile, Wizard Whitebeard, Woof and the topless lady make a secret pact never to speak of this again.

You mean he’s been hiding in a trash can since 1987???

Poor Waldo lost his ears.

The glasses really did complete his look.
(love that detail!)

uhhh…he knows we can see him, right? bad news: that means he still lost.

How come no one’s ganked that headband yet? Seems like it’s still useful.

Forensics and dental records experts finally agreed that the tell-tale “butt chin” clearly identifies the body as that of the late Waldo.

This is what happens when you throw your childhood away and say “No, I am done looking for Waldo”

So sad…

Of course it could just be the Oscar the Grouch equivalent of the Nightmare Before Xmas.

I had this “Where’s Waldo” book when I was growing up in San Diego that ended up getting donated or sold or something. Anyway, I used to tear the bottoms of the pages in a very specific way (I’m tactile, I guess). Years later, when my family moved to Massachusetts, they picked up a Where’s Waldo book for my little brother at a library book sale. Lo and behold, it had the exact same rips (number and placement) I’d left on mine, taped over with scotch tape. I don’t know if it was the same book or if little kids just enjoy ripping the bottom edges of Where’s Waldo books (the more likely scenario), but I always enjoyed the thought of my book taking a cross country trek to be reunited with me.

Sorry for the long digression. Resume talking about this shirt.