Isotoner Ladies Stretch Fleece Gloves – 2 Pairs

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Isotoner Ladies Stretch Fleece Gloves - 2 Pairs
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I had a paid of these last winter and they are great.
However I don’t see sizing options so its a no go for me :frowning:

(I have ridiculously small hands)

Are these any good?

Since you were all wanting a bag of coal, Woot! thought you were cold. Here ya go.

Baa, baa black sheep, have you any wooool?
No sir, no sir
Someone took it all and made gloves for ladies.

that should say PAIR

If they were mens I would have been in. I still cannot believe I missed the headset by about 5 minutes, I actually need one. SWTOR is coming out…

I heard they fit like a glove.

The wife loves loves loves these.

And, it’s nice to have something to throw at the M-I-L for the holidays. :slight_smile:

If the glove doesn’t fit, you must… Give us bags of crap!!! :slight_smile:

Comes out to $2.50 a pair plus shipping. VERY CHEAP for Isotoners!!

Neither I, nor any women I know, want to be fleeced by a website.


I got these only a few weeks ago. They are very thin, but I thought they warmed my hands nicely on a couple of cold mornings recently. The steering wheel would have been very cold without them. I recommend them!

bought some last month, nice gloves for the price 2.50 a pair great deal

Smart man, get some extras too!

does anyone know of a site that tracks the average time-of-day that woot offers boc?

Got a pair for me and my daughter…now need some for my son…


Woot trying to fleece its customers again.