Isotoner Ladies Suede Gloves

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Isotoner Ladies Suede Gloves
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Totes A88559 Isotoner Ladies Suede Gloves with MicroLuxe Liner

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Insert off-color OJ Simpson joke here

Product website-$27:

Awesome, Finally found that gift for female in-law I don’t quite get along with… Thanks Woot!

Ladies gloves? Don’t they know this is the internet?

Wonderful for Christmas gifts!

Isotoner gloves and no mention of Dan Marino? Weak sauce.

If these gloves don’t fit, will Kool & Gang uhhh quit?..

This is gender discrimination! Where are the manly men’s gloves for guys?

You know you could’ve put the red gloves on Sellout for the same price but called them Executioner’s Gauntlets for Men and claimed the only color available was Crimson.

Aw, what’s wrong? Fatcats at Amazon pulled your claws out?

Today I learned that Luggage is a color!

you all have moms, don’t you? :slight_smile:

Thanks woot!

These will be perfect for use in my high-end proctology practice!

Hardcore Vegans like me be warned: This is real suede, not an alternative meaning real leather. If you do not wear animal products these gloves are not for you.

They are already out of medium reds. I ordered two mediums (black and brown) and had to get a large red. I hope it fits. Woot, why cant you carry more in stock? :frowning:

Just remember that when they’re up for 8 hours during the next woot-off. =P

In for three; we had our first measurable snowfall yesterday and I have an impossible SIL.

A 5-star review at Amazon


I’m just a vegetarian. I have no problem making use of the animals discarded due to the grotesque amount of beef consumption by the average American.

Besides, the only way to have a vehicle with heated seats is if you upgrade to leather upholstery.

ahh, warm toasty buns…

in for 3

Boo for no red! Oh well, Luggage, Brown and Black for me.