Isotoner Ladies Suede Gloves

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Isotoner Ladies Suede Gloves
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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For when the ladies what to slap you with class!

I wonder if I can make woot monkey booties out of these

Too bad I’m a man, otherwise would totally be in for 3.

are these mac compatible?

I’ve heard Isotoners are great gloves to bad I am a man

For the Lady OJ

Just what I need in the 80 degree weather in Phoenix. Come on, New Yorkers, buy some so we can move on.

Worst Woot-off ever.

Luggage…always has been my favorite color.

Got 3 pair of black last time… now in for 2 luggage… Great deal!

I hope they are legacy compatible with windows 3.1!

Oh yah

P.S. to all interested parties

Suede is a pain to clean, and can be expensive to clean. So buy more than 1. The cleaning cost with outweigh the cost to buy these.

P.S.S. I am serious

the map shows its all jersey! lol the first time i am somewhat proud to live here :confused: how sad…

and as i finished the post the map now reflects what the rest of america is doing: wooting for gloves!

lady gloves, what is next, ladies shoes!


Wonder why these are selling so well in some of the southern states.

They run small!

mini-marathons and the like…

Size Medium sold out…bummer