Issue: Can't sign in with Log in with Amazon (resolved)

I’m trying to buy a T-shirt on Woot, and it says I have to sign in with Amazon prime. I have an Amazon prime account, but it won’t except my email address and password. Not sure how to fix this.


7pm CT: Issue is on Amazon’s side. We’re waiting for their fix.
8pm CT: Nothing to update. Amazon is still researching a resolution.
8:10pm: resolved

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Same. Can’t sign in with Amazon… trying Windows 10 laptop running latest Chrome, also app on latest Android (unsure if I’m using latest version of the Woot app, though).


Are you pressing the “Login with Amazon” option, and being directed to an Amazon login pop-up?

Can’t speak for OP, but I press LOGIN WITH AMAZON and nothing pops up, redirects, or changes (both app and web)


I just checked on a couple of devices, and it looks like something broke somewhere, since I’m able to replicate the lack of anything happening.

@ThunderThighs - Somebody broke something.

If Amazon got mad at you or whatever, you guys can crash at my house.

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You know @bestsportnascar is back when this gets “pinned globally.”

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Nah. Trying that to see if I can avoid multiple threads being created for the same issue.

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Being proactive rarely works.

Sure. Sure. Right. Coincidence.

@mydearWootson ahem. There’s something foul afoot.

Amateuractive is usually a stretch for me.

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UPDATE: Issue is on Amazon’s side.

We’re waiting for their fix.

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I can’t login using Amazon on browser or on the App. waiting updates
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why i am not able to login with amazon?
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Amazon issues.

This means everyone else is having the same problem so the item in my cart won’t sell out before this gets fixed, right?

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I’ve been away & stressed all day, I return to home to scroll AND I CAN’T DO ANY RETAIL THERAPY HERE!

Is mercury in retrograde? :thought_balloon: