Issue with Cancelled order [resolved]

I cancelled hours after I placed an order for a chair, and they left it in front of my garage!!!*
It is 212 pounds, and I am 76 years old I contacted you 6 Times, you need to pick it up before it rains!!!

So, I received something about a pickup, and told them they can pick it up anytime, sitting in front of my garage, outside the house, so when I responded to it. the email was returned to me and said mailbox was full, SOOOO how do I get the message to them. Save money yes but is it worth the aggravation. *
So, pick it up before it rains on your box!!!strong text*

Hi there. I’m very sorry for the hassle. It looks like our vendor didn’t get the cancel message in time. Let me reach out to customer service for you.


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Customer Service is reaching out to you with further information.

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