Issue with Woot Emails


Does anyone have issues receiving emails from Woot!

I login with Amazon and not even realize if designs are accepted/declined up to weeks after they are published.

Total blindness!

Hi there. Have you checked your spam/junk folders. We end up there quite often.

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I do have checked the spam folder.

There are not any emails from Woot.

Please could you help me solve this issue.


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I subbed a design a full week ago and nary a peep. I’ve usually heard within 3 days, weekends or no, so I am calling attention to this is well. I checked the spam box regularly, too, as mine ends up there without fail. Please help! Thanks so much!

Hi there. I’ll send a note to the shirt team.

hi Panther,
it looks like your last submission was on 2/2 which happens to be the day after we do our review. You should receive something this week. Make sure to add to your safe sender list.

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Thank you very much! I just got the email, actually. Thank you both, @ThunderThighs and @randalma!

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