iSunnao Bluetooth Car Kit Music Audio Receiver

I really wanted ne of these but the reviews on Amazon are terrible. They sound crap, the quality flimsy and the stop working shortly after purchase. Sigh.

I got these the last time around. Charged them up, brought them to the car, plugged in - Never got either to work.


I got these to work, but you can’t charge and play at the same time. I find that super-annoying.

oops. should’ve read the comments before ordering. oh well, it’s only $11.

Both of mine work perfectly, but they don’t charge and play at the same time, despite the packaging saying it does. Took me awhile to figure why the music was cutting out.

If you can accept that, it’s a nice little device. Been working well for me for months. It’s worth pointing out though that the 2-pack was $15 last time. The price went up.