iSunnao Bluetooth Car Kit Music Audio Receiver

I bought this, it works great. Now I don’t have to listen to crappy radio in the work van.

How does this work with incoming calls?

How does this charge? Is it the same port that get plugged into the headphone jack? I need to be able to charge it as I use it.

Found these features on Amazon:


  • Music or call switching
  • Sleep mode for Saving Power
  • Use with home stereos/speakers, car stereos, headphones
    - Support hands free, can connect microphone and support phone calling through Bluetooth receiver
  • Support iPhone, Android phones, other smart phones which with Bluetooth A2DP functions.

People on Amazon Q&A say that the instructions say yes but have varying experience in real life.

I don’t know about iOS, but under Android’s Bluetooth settings each device can be set to be used for different functions. This one has check boxes for media audio and call audio. Mine has a little mic on it, but I’ve not tested it, or it’s ability to pass headset mic input from its plug back to the phone.

Opposite from the headphones plug is a micro USB port, and it can charge while in use. :slight_smile:

On mine the output to headphones is kinda quiet though. Not good for audiobooks in basic ear buds (non-in-ear) in noisy areas.

can i plug this into my TV to use my BT headset?

You can’t charge it and use it at the same time. One or the other. Poor design choice.

I bought one of these and it worked great at first so I bought two more. The original one worked for about 5 months and I dug out the two I had bought and neither one of them work. And way to late to return them. Good Luck!!

After pairing the device will it connect automatically for the next use or will i have to push a button to connect each time?

Exactly. I bought a couple of these a while back for my Camry. It has an audio port and a USB in an area you can close off. Theoretically, if this thing could charge while being used, I could plug it up to both the USB charger and into the audio in line, close the little door, and have an awesome bluetooth to replace the one built into the car (it stopped working for some reason).

This is impossible, however, since it cannot charge and be used at the same time. I’m not sure what problem it’s solving since you still have to remember to plug it in to charge it on a regular basis when you’re not using it, and have to remember to turn it on.

It’ll connect automatically, but you’ve got to push a button to turn it on.

i bought one of these, and the battery was more or less toast after the first charge i put into it. i would not recommend as it doesn’t seen to work while being charged. effectively i have an $8 black thing that lights up red when its plugged in… nothing more.

Anyone figure out how to connect your phone with this while it is charging? The instructions that came with it says it is possible but when it is charging and I hold the button down nothing happens other than the blue and red led is lit. As soon as I let go it turns back to red but nothing gets paired.