iSunnao Bluetooth Car Kit Music Audio Receiver

How is this unit powered? Does it use a wire or batteries? If by batteries, are they replaceable or rechargeable?

Looks like micro USB:

I got one of these from Amazon a few weeks back. I love it. As long as you’ve got an AUX port, it’s worth the $11 just to be rid of an annoying cord. We haven’t had to charge it since we got it.

Will it work while plugged into a usb to charge?

It doesn’t look like it has a USB port. Maybe there’s an adapter that could make that work, though.

Then how is it charged?

Let me rephrase, it doesn’t have a full sized USB port on the device, but does have the little guy for charging. I misread your question. But, yes, as long as you maintain the BT connection, you shouldn’t have trouble while charging.

One of the reviews on Amazon says that it will not work while plugged in for charging. If this is true then this is a deal breaker, I want to be able to plug this in to power and leave it connected without having to worry about charging it.

Would I be able to make calls and receive calls as well?