iSunnao Bluetooth Car Kit Music Audio Receiver

How is this thing powered? Is it rechargeable?

Was interested, until I checked out the amazon reviews. They don’t instill confidence in buying this product.

I bought two last time. They work okay but they can’t be charged and used at the same time. This basically made them useless for my application. You charge it then you get about 4 hours use before a recharge. Not amazing for road trips our leaving it plugged in.

Battery only last about 3 hours…

This device ruined my iPhone 5s. In fairness, other off market bluetooth receivers could too. Basically, it takes control of the microphone input software and makes Siri and audio dictation for texts impossible by creating almost like a ‘PAD’ Siri can hear you if you scream like at the top of your lungs. I’ve done two factory resets and problem still exists. Apple is aware of these issues, but like Apple does nothing. So, stay away if you use an iPhone

This device is good considering the price. I bought the 2-pack a couple times ago when it was offered. One charge lasts about 6 hours, which works fine for me. Haven’t had any issues. The only real downside of this product is it cannot be charged while in use, mine only charges to 90% and gives this horrendous beeping noise at 20% which only allows for use of 70% of the charge. Remove the beeping and this product would last longer.

P.S. I still use one as of today (this post).

Three words, junk junk junk. Sound quality is worse than of an 8 track cassette. Don’t buy! You’ve been warned.

I got two and neither of them will even take a charge. waste of money.