iSunnao FM Transmitter with In Car Bluetooth Receiver

Is bluetooh the same as Bluetooth? :wink:

Also, is Charing something like Sharing?

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I picked up one of these a few months back and it’s not worth the money. The transmit volume through bluetooth is just very, very low. There was also a great deal of distortion when turning the output volume from several phones up more that like 75%. I’d look at other options for bluetooth audio.

75% is the ideal volume setting when you are going between audio devices, from one to the next like we are here. Any higher than that is just for headroom, in case your source material is ultra weak, at which point you can crank it all the way up to make up for that. If your source material volume level is ideal, 75% volume in this application is also ideal.

That said, I hope the unit does not really deliver weak volume levels, as stated in the Comments. If it does I will not be happy.

Mr Bob

I also hope it has excellent frequency response, which was not stated in the specs. I am assuming it will, since the unit is obviously very well designed and outfitted.

FM only goes up to 15KHz by design, you won’t get all the way up to 20KHz out of FM, which would be audiophile quality. But that is enough for most audio needs, esp. in a car. It is spec’d as stereo, thankfully.

Definitely hope it goes down to 20 Hz as well, there should be no problem in achieving that, in the digital domain of the unit.

Mr Bob

Another little known factoid is that if everything is set up correctly, going above 75% volume between devices or circuits within devices will cause distortion. That remaining 25% is only for use when add’l headroom is needed. When not needed, 75% remains the ideal volume setting between audio circuits.

If you’re talking digital, that’s different. You can be at 100% volume when digital because 0’s and 1’s really don’t know the difference between low volume and high volume.