It's a Cape T-Shirt

I noticed the men’s sizes go up to 3xl, but the women’s only go up to xl. That’s a shame.

So funny! love the simplicity of this shirt.

Btw the designers name is wrong, this is Chachachino’s design :blush:

Added bonus, you can enter any bathroom you want wearing this. Congrats on the win, CHACHACHINO (though I’m sure rasabi would love to take the credit :))

sooo…when you have to wear trifocals, chachachino and rasabi look kind of the same…chachasabi? Nah, that is just straight up kookiedooks!

We tried using a hamster instead of a monkey and it looks like things didn’t work out. Oh well, there’s lots of monkey’s left and they’re only getting smarter if Planet of the Apes is any indication.


(However, I’ve noticed that since the Amazon Prime now covers shipping for members, I actually pay MORE for my ‘usual 2 shirts’…instead of:
$10 + $12 + $5 (s+h) = $27
It becomes:
$15 + $15 + $0 (s+h) = $30

HMMMMM. What ‘looks’ like a deal, 'sin’t always a deal.)

Congrats on your humorous Derby win, Chachachino! :slight_smile:

I would wear a 3x in womens myself. But… I love the new “Classic” fit. It is much higher quality than the Anvil blanks were. The men’s 3x is comfortable and the fit is excellent. I’d give it a try if I were you. :slight_smile:

Capes can be the downfall of superheroes and evil-doers…

  • Mr. Incredible and that suit designer lady from the Pixar movie

A fitting design on National Superhero Day!

Ah! I was thinking rasabi, you clever devil you. :wink:

Congrats chachachino, love the bold simplicity :slight_smile:

Interestingly, there was a national campaign back in 2015 called ‘It Was Never a Dress’ that brought this concept to light.


Last night at 1am I congratulated Chachachino on the win. Then saw “Rasabi” written on the site. Thought I was losing my mind.

This is one of those designs where I REALLY wish woot! offered vinyl stickers of the designs!

Because the great quality of woot! shirts means that my closet runneth over, but vinyl decals? Man, I could just COVER my car / laptop / skateboard / binders / fridge / washer / dryer / closet doors with them!

Seriously, woot! Think about it!!!

Bought two women’s classic sizes–XL and L. Washed/dried the XL, and it shrank to the size of the L (unwashed). Sadly, there is no women’s XXL. Given how much these T’s shrink, it would be a good addition.