It's Okay, It's Organic

So this is what, fablefire’s 18th shirt with meat eating rabbits? Time for woot to do a sale with all of these. I mean this person can probably just recycle elements from previous designs to come up with 10 more in 10 minutes. They are just so stale.

I’m curious, do people really buy these anymore?

I love carnivore bunny.

Shirt woot has been dead for years.(nearly)all the clever talented designers have gone elsewhere

Big thanks to everyone who voted for it! :smiley:

Me too! I’m actually wearing one right now

Fifth. This is only the fifth meatbunny design.

You missed a couple…

and loosely related, this one

Still not 18 and I still love them and own most of them :slight_smile:

Not missed; that’s psychotic bunny.

I too have most of them. :slight_smile: