It's Tailgaiting Time!

What’s your favorite part about a tailgate party?

I think the 10’x10’ canopy might be mislisted. Are you sure it’s not 8x8?

The product details says “Its shade coverage of 64 square feet can comfortably accommodate six to eight people.”

A 10x10 would be 100 square feet unless I’m missing something.

The canopy is 8x8, the bottom of the legs is 10x10.

For those curious about the tailgaiting grill, The fryer compartment is 20oz. Which for me is a deal breaker. But I definitely can see someone who actually tailgates enjoying this.

While searching for the weight of the Mesh Chair (~5 lbs shipping weight) I found the item listed on Amazon for $19.99.

Yes, I understand what woot plus is and hope to save ThunderThighs some time copy/pasting the standard reply. Just an FYI :]

Yes…you get all the footprint of a 10 x 10 pop-up, but only 64% of the shade. Bought one of these once and found it next to useless. Don’t be fooled.

The Blacktop Grill has some really good reviews on the CampingWorld site. I’s get it but my wife prefers charcoal over gas.

As long as the rest of woot is going bacon crazy…might as well post this here.

i am about 60kg, can it hold this weight?

$119 for 12 x 12 elsewhere

The horrified look on the face of the poor woman with her hand sealing off her mouth and nose… the childish grin and extended index finger of the sports fan next to her… Yep, I’m pretty sure he just successfully pulled off the much coveted “pull my finger”.

Yep, and if you have Prime, it ships for free! So, what are we saving here on Woot?

Shouldn’t it be “tailgating”? Unless tails have a gait of some type, like they can walk or something.

The chairs are $9.97 at WalMart. The mesh one is $17.97.