It's What's Inside That Counts!

As a cat lover, this isn’t a shirt I should have bought. But, while it’s ‘bad’ that there’s a monster eating cats, it’s also too funny not to own. Insta-purchase!

Seeing the in-light design Awww…

Seeing the GitD part GAH! D:

My cat died today. I just put her carcass in the freezer.

Wow. In comparison, I don’t find the shirt creepy at all anymore! :smiley:

I absolutely love the difference in the two images. It is a reminder that things aren’t always as they seem.

I suspected all the cat shirts would eventually have an effect on the mental health of the staff. First, you ban them from the derby, then you choose a shirt that, shall we say, encourages negative cat thinking.

Or, alternately, this is yet another way to sneak in science (aka Schrödinger’s ‘are they digested yet’ paradox) under the guise of cute.

Or perhaps it’s just another “beware the cute, it will bite you” general warning.

I can only hope the cats bite back.

Fifth print from the glow-in-the-dark Derby! Congratulations, firefrogh!

You just HAD to make this the shirt on my BIRTHDAY?! My cats all say you suck and hope you get hairballs.

Uhm. Sorry. :frowning:

I think you just won the internet for the day and the day has barely started.

Does this mean there won’t be cake? :frowning:

Well this monster guy just loves cats.

I am amused at how only 1 cat on the inside seems to be annoyed. And even he is only flat brow annoyed, not angry or you know, freakin’ out!

Thanks. She was the sweetest cat I’ve ever known.

I was sort of hoping to win one of those gay marriage marijuana guns, but… Hooray! :smiley:

Holy… I was really sorry when I saw this shirt didn’t get voted enough to be printed, as it was - from my point of view - one of the two best designs in the derby… and now woot printed both, how great is that (the other was the GoT themed tee I had to buy asap). Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Love this shirt. Bought immediately. Great use of the glow in the dark to change the tone of the shirt entirely.

(You know a design has to be brilliant if I jump on it and it doesn’t feature gruesome bunnies:)

Finally a CAT shirt I can actually say I liked but still can we get at least one week with out one.

Hey Earl, how many lives do you have left?

Everybody sing:

"Kittens are delicious
They’re healthy and nutritious
They’ll give you diabeetus
'Cause they’re so darn sweet

Oh you’ll be finger-lickin’
They taste a lot like chicken
Your tummy will be kickin’
From their tiny feet"

The Monster Council of America recommends KITTENS! as part of your cute and furry 5-a-day.