It Ain't Hard To Maintain A Yard

the antebellum vertical garden is 69 everyday at sams club. but some of the planting holes are small.

Why would you buy that statue?!? Hasn’t The Doctor taught you anything? Don’t blink!

To the person that bought both of the EcoGrow systems:

They kill everything you put in them.
PM me if you want to buy 12 more.

How long are the blades on the B&D Bearing Action Hedge Shears?
I can’t find a review on them anywhere and on the spring action one I found one amazon review that gave it 1 star, but with no text review.

Does anyone know anything about these products? I always thought B&D was a good brand.

What is the cutting capacity of the B&D Ratchet Loppers?

What? No Grotesques? I’m out.

Mine arrived in a gazillion pieces.

Jeez, sorry to hear that! If you haven’t, shoot CS a message; they’ll help you out.