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More “So Games Much Thrones Wow”?

Rasabi will definitely rich!!!

this animal looks sharp

This side sale is missing Go Home!

what software that I can design shirts

Oh man, need that double rainbow shirt and wishing they still had AA

I know this has been discussed before, but I can’t seem to find the answer. What is the difference between the jersey zip hoodie and the regular zip hoodie? Obviously I can see there is a difference in the cotton/poly content, but is there a difference to the look, feel, sizing, etc.? Thanks!

The Jersey hoodies are basically zip-up long sleeved tshirts. The ‘zip hoodies’ are your typical sweatshirt weight.

So if I ordered a So Games Much Thrones Wow hoodie on the 3rd should it have shipped already? Today is the 9th.

Nope - not yet. On the item’s page, it notes:
“Ships on Wednesday, 3/12.”**

Today is 4/02 and “So Games Much Thrones Wow Jersey Zip Hoodie” still not delivered. So when?

Did you receive tracking? If not, you can use your order number as the reference ID to ‘Track by Reference’ on FedEx or UPS’ website.

If you need additional assistance, please feel free to email your order details and situation to Let us know how things go!