It Came Out Of Nowhere

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It Came Out Of Nowhere
Price: $10
Shipping Options: $0 Standard OR $5 Standard International
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 10-12 business days (Thursday, May 22 to Tuesday, May 27) + transit
Condition: New


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what a dull start


have we started yet?

Aw, come on, Wooters! I love this shirt! I bought it for my son, who’s already outgrown it, and am seriously thinking about getting a bigger size for him.

I got this shirt from a 3-random-shirt buy. Love it!

I kinda…noticed…something else that came out of nowhere…

I came out of nowhere, like a wrecking ball.

That is the second time I’ve been to the buy screen for a crap that says sold out, with no sales stats.
ETA - And 5 minutes later, it appears someone cough lichme, got it.

FO REALZ…duders has X-RAY INTERNET VISION or something…

I will have to be more tactful and clever next time…

You sir, are too predictable. Challenge accepted.

work calls in too few hours…

Happy wooting


Casualty of war I’m afraid Thumper.

My sincerest apologies…

I lub you guys, and I know I’ve been pretty indirect, but these one-off crap links will be limited to once a week, too. I ain’t gonna cancel lich’s order since I had said before it wasn’t really a concern, but I guess at that point I was just pretty sure lich would not be able to also get them all. GONNA CRACK DOWN NOW FOR REAL