It Came Out Of Nowhere

Question: Are these 1/week Sun-Sat? I’ve been keeping to that anyways as to not over crap.

So what makes a week? Week from purchase? Sunday through Saturday?


Now how you gonna declare war, then go and tell on me?

That’s like hitting me, getting hit back, then telling your mom. Low blow sir, I see how it is.

The way I see it, if you got one on Tuesday, you shouldn’t get one on the following Monday. I count from the time you get the crap!

Is your way the official word or are we waiting on that?

I’m ok with your way, but I was just wondering.

seeing’s how she’s the queen of killing duplicate orders, i figure she can make whatever rule she wants.

ie. she has the official word because she said it

Yea, but if she doesn’t say “It’s Official” then is it really?

I guess you’ll find out when your crap gets cancelled!

It’s official (that I’m going to cancel all your orders)!

All of them or just the boc 's?

Thank you for the clarification

How was that noticed? Did one need to be on a special mailing list? …or is there a secret handshake? …just curious.

Hang around.
Keep your eyes open.
Look for any and all things.

Moderators are giving out BOCs now and then. :happy:

There is an actual equation for this. number of craps purchased/seen is greatly increased in direct relation to how many hours one is willing to shuck off work and lurk in the forums.

and you thought you’d never use algebra after school?