It Came Out Of Nowhere

the shirt that started my wooting, Darn you Nerdist!

this looks a bit tweaked compared to the original.

Again, is this a reprint with “different contrast”, or authentic, true to web display, colors?

Example of woot’s “different contrast”:

I think wooters deserve an honest, reasonable, answer.

I’m going to miss the cool obscure robot/pun/pretty shirt I’ve been longing for when the responsible adult part of my brain takes over…ah well…or maybe I can wake up to it and get that Christmas morning feel…

Yeah. I do not recall the smoke.

Been staring at this shirt for a while now. Now it’s ALL MINE! Now, if the fat unicorn goes on woot-off before I finally go to bed, I will be [cue Cartman’s voice] sooo happy.

My first ever woot shirt… can’t help but get a third one. Will be interesting to compare it with the old ones, actually.

And with that, I really don’t want to go to bed, but my remaining money is starting to hint at me that I should…

Nope. Smoke was there. I see no changes to the design. Colors, now… :-/

Damn I was lucky as hell to snag this when I did (2 minutes ago!) I had been eyeing this for like a year!

I am not a fan of how loose / baggy / weird fit on my shoulders woot shirts are but for $10.50 I could not pass it up.

The design does look a bit different than the original shirt I have been eying.

Oh well, lucky snag on this one and despite how this woot shirt will inevitably not fit right on my neck and shoulders for some reason (woot shirts tend to lean towards my left side and fit awkwardly)I am glad I picked it up…

I should really call it quites on graphic tee purchases as in the last 4 months I have spent nearly 200 bucks on various Tshirt a day sites (but considering I have not bought myself new clothes since 8th grade…and I am a freshman in college now…it was time for a shopping spree!

Lets just hope my next google adsense payment is on time next week!