IT issue: You don't have SPF set up for

Your daily digest emails are sent from, yet you have no SPF record for that subdomain. You do have it setup correctly for, but that doesn’t get applied to your subdomains. Just thought it was something your IT department might want to get on!

Woot Engineering is here!

Do you mean or does it actually reference the FQDN of

In either case, can you paste the reference so we can look into it?

Found it, investigating :slight_smile:

Yeah, the “mail from” address is [some long identifier] Since it’s a subdomain, your SPF record for doesn’t apply.

I don’t see an MX record for, either… weird! I thought for custom mail from, Amazon SES requires the mail from domain to point back to them.

Since the email is being sent from, it matches the outgoing allowed sender rule. It is the SMTP sender that is set differently. Don’t take this as gospel on how SES works :wink:

But that is how I read it as succeeding.

If you follow the link from that page to “Setting a MAIL FROM domain”, step 7 says:

For Behavior if MX record not found , choose one of the following options:

  • Use region as MAIL FROM – If the custom MAIL FROM domain’s MX record is not set up correctly, Amazon SES will use a subdomain of . The subdomain varies based on the AWS Region in which you use Amazon SES.
  • Reject message – If the custom MAIL FROM domain’s MX record is not set up correctly, Amazon SES will return a MailFromDomainNotVerified error. Emails that you attempt to send from this address will be automatically rejected.

So it sounds like these messages shouldn’t even get through, but they are. So I guess I’m no SES expert, either!

Hey, you fixed it! :+1:

We did! Thanks for letting us know!

We did! It took a bit to unravel the bits from the bytes, but we managed to turn them into a working word.

Quick catch on the fix, it went out the day of your comment.