"It means beauty" -Riiiight. what does it actually mean?

some friend of my daughter has this temp. tattoo. How about some suggestions for alternative meanings?

“Scoliosis is in your future without good posture now!”

Alternative meaning in the house I grew up in would be “NO”.

“it means ‘booty call’”

HEY! She’s just a kid!

if she’s old enough to pee, she’s old enough for me.

how old is she?

how old was juliet in r&j?

It isn’t 1690!!


How old was Romeo?

Dirty old man.

Poor miss one.

Tongue falls out the mouth, and lays on the floor.

It seems Juliet was almost 14 and Romeo was around 17.

please show me where in shakespeare’s actual r&j script that romeo’s age was given as “around 17.” and no speculation, please.


What about this one? It looks legit.
It has him 15 to 21

uh, that link (and most of the ones on google) say that the play itself doesn’t say, and the 15 to 21 is just speculation.

Okay, “Buddhi” call.

“Stupid American”

I think that might mean…

“I have worms…”

or even

“Like my parasite? His names Larry.”