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Wanna buy it later? Click this link!

Same color as last night. Baby puke green but in a Don Quixote type of way.

…i dont get it…

I like the design, not a shirt i’ll get on the first day, but we’ll see if it grows on me.

Woohoo! Another design that benefited from the review process that happens in the design forums.

Interesting and surprising, nay, quixotic win, congrats.

You need to read Don Quixote.

ehh its a nice design, but something i probably wouldn’t wear more than once

Nice design. I really like it.

Alas I’m allergic to wearing whatever shade of green this is.


Edit: Got one anyway. I’ll probably break out in hives… maybe then you’ll finally be happy.

In for one. I am too nostalgic and literarily-oriented to miss this one.

Thank you everyone who voted! This means so much to me =)

If only…if ONLY!..this had been a blue shirt! I have two of this shade of green already and three is just too many.

Or is it? I’m not sure. I’m a lifelong Quixote devotee. I may have to get this one, green or not, just for the Knight of the Woeful Countenance.

We’ve all got our windmills! Grats on the win, GREAT, GREAT design.

Edit: Yeah, okay, I got it. Green and all, I just can’t pass up an awesome Quixote design, and this qualifies as awesome. In for one!

Loved Don Quixote, and I love the design on this shirt.

In for one!

GREAT design : ) Couldn’t miss it

I heart Don Quixote and I heart this shirt! My first shirt woot, and so worth it :slight_smile:

Same here… great design, but sadly, the green kills it for me. I do love my Say No to Scurvy shirt, but thats the only green I can do.

I love shirt.woot! The designs here really kick Threadless’ butt!

I love the windmill!
one please

hurray! I knew I stayed up for a reason! Definitely bought it!!

While the design is interesting, in wearing it out anywhere aside from a library, your basically wearing a sign that says : " You!! yeah you over there glancing at my shirt! I guess you can see I am any easy target, so, please, please please kick me in the nuts."

That being said, I guess it would make a good female shirt.