IT"S CYBER MONDAY! Are you participating?

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I’ll do some browsing.

NO. If you have shopped at Woot! for long enough, you’ll ALREADY have everything you could possibly want to buy (and at better prices THEN than they are NOW)!

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Gunna have any bags o’ crap??

Nope :-1: I bought everything on Black Friday. Over the years I’ve noticed that you get better deals on Black Friday compared with Cyber Monday.

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Naa. unless something I wanted and was tracking is on sale.


It will have to be a pretty darned good deal.

I sure hope so… if the items I’m stalking go down in price

Cherry picking! :cherries::pinching_hand:

What is specifically a BOC? Is it a box of random stuff or what?

What’s a Cyber Monday??

Joking, actually I’m going in for outpatient surgery tomorrow, so who knows what I might buy under the influence of anaesthetic…

Cat toys for everyone!!!

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He meant to say: You may be lonely at work as you maybe may be in the office today. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes; only to buy dog food for the rescues and foster dogs that I take in.

It is a Box of Crap … randomness from lost and found at woot HQ. Some good, some bad, some crap.

I don’t know :confused:

Let’s see what happens.

BOC = bag of crap. Also known as a mystery box. It’s Woot’s way of diverting random goods out from retail channels into unassuming boxes.

The crap thread is representative of the excitement disappointment one might expect if one were lucky unlucky enough to purchase it.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

Where are the BAGS O’ CRAP ??? and where do you enter the WOOT!'S MEGA GIVEAWAY??

I’m trying to but I haven’t found a single deal that

  1. appeals to me and
    B) is an actual bargain

Every time if find a BoC its already been lit on :fire: and stomped on…

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