It’s Going Out Faster Than It’s Coming In

Yes, yes I do remember.

Congratulations to the winner!
Now cue everyone bitching about the colour or the composition…

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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Of course, in for one… bunnies, origami, and a Chogentry design. =D

An awesome shirt. If I wasn’t saving for a new computer, I’d be in for one.

Congrats on the win!

I love this shirt but the problem is that it reminded me that I am trying not to spend money right now…

very nice, not sure if i wanna spend the bunnies on it though

i love the bugs bunny reference in the description title.

Wow. Congrats, you successful shirt artist, you. o.o

Anyway. The concept is cute, and I might consider it. Unfortunately, my wallet is doing that rabbit-tortoise thing in real life, so… not very likely.

Like I said, though, 'grats on the print.

Like the shirt. But if I bought it, I’d only be proving it true.

If I wouldn’t have just bout a 40d plus printer I’d be in for one.

Just don’t think this is nearly as great as the rest of you guys do. I’d kinda like it to be green, as well.

Exactly. I want it but it’s exactly what’s keeping me from buying it.

Well, my comment was deleted… so… here it is again!

“WOW! I LOVE THIS SHIRT!” I just bought me one =D

Giving these away with a FILL up…

I SOOOOO need this shirt. lol

I agree with everyone who said that the shirt reminded them not to buy the shirt…I have the same problem with the money leaving quicker than it comes in. Still, great shirt and design. Congrats on the first place.

I don’t know - the bunny metaphor is for reproducing, not diminishing. Makes me think that the money is multiplying like bunnies, but those dollar rabbits aren’t having dollar sex, are they?