It’s The Rung Way
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Got it fast with overnight shipping? Show it off here in this thread!

Not my style :confused:

it this was another color.

Not a big fan of the color…

Grats on the print Rob! Very cool!

Woot: Fix his portfolio link, you mistyped the url.

would have bought if it wasnt on baby blue!!!

This is totally the rung shirt for me!

most confusing woot shirt I have seen.

::facepalm:: worst pun ever

I’m ambivalent. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. Not really a fan of baby blue, as it tends to do odd things in the wash, so this one is a miss for me.

It made me smile.

Oh, awesome, first sucker and I wasn’t even aiming for it. I think it’s a pretty sweet design, and hooray for getting my first baby blue shirt!

This really reminds me of the Voices In My Head shirt (which I didn’t buy either).

Kind of reminds me of “Voices in my Head”

When was Chutes and Ladders called Snakes and Ladders? I’m old and it was chutes and Ladders when I was a kid L O L

don’t know why, but I thought of JFK. A guy climbing in his neck wound and out his head wound.

That is the generic off brand game.

your a sick and twisted man

its a contest going on right now. every time you post the sad rat before anyone else you get a point, person with the most points wins two free shirts

And as per the shirt, great design! i sure hope that some of these more serious designs make it through the barrier. while i love cute/funny shirts, woot has to many of them. great job and congrats on the print.

the irony of what i just said made me IoI, especially right above my sig images.