It was a cold and clear night in the cold of Illinois...

It was a cold and clear night in the cold of Illinois when I found myself sitting in front of the computer hoping to read some interesting something something about well, about something. I wasn’t sure what.
As I was quietly pursuing between email and mindless computer games an email popped up from Woot! letting me know about a double WineWoot! which made me rather excited. I mean, what could be better than not only one WineWoot but 2 a day? That is almost as good as a WootOff marathon on lots of caffeine while the credit card company say Yes to a limit raise so you can get the newly refurbished Roomba MP3 player with the built in ear muff in tangerine orange.
I was so excited that I had to log in to Woot to share my thoughts… My mindless thoughts…
I think I need a BonBon.

xanax might be better than that bonbon :slight_smile:

Or BourBon.

…but was it cold?

The BourBon? Could have been. Especially if it’s from Bourbonnais IL :slight_smile: (I used to live there)

home of farm and fleet…

oh yeah…and the bears summer training camp at ONU.

I got the shirt :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to go next year and meet my boy Orton… he was a fellow Purdue Grad.

prepare yourself! bourbonnais has grown so much in the last 20 years but the last few have seen enormous growth as well…the mall is dead but there is a new strip mall down by saint george road that has a kohls and walmart as anchors. we got a walmart on the south side of kankakee last year also! two huge stores that you really need to have vehicle access to make it through…the krogers and jewel both moved down from where each was and supersized as well. we have a few new starbucks and new stores in the area too. someone needs to mention that the economy is bad so they will stop building all these new sub divisions too. oh and i paid 1.87 for gas two days ago :slight_smile:

I paid $1.81 yesterday, and in NJ, you HAVE to have your gas pumped for you :slight_smile:

Wow… Yeah, Bb was growing when we moved out, so technically our old house, built new in 1975, is probably in the “interior” now instead of on the edge. There was a retention pond behind our house, so if you go out from town (W I believe), it was right there. Fond memories of that area. Once, we had rain so bad it filled up the retention pond and we were worried that the levee would break and flood us out. But it held, and was a real muddy pool for us for days.

Still 2.39 in Arizona. Bah! That’s what I get for living on this stupid mountain.

Ya get snow on that mountain? IT’s 25 degrees here and snowing. I’d pay an extra $0.50 a gallon if it wasn’t so… blustery.

Sure do (7,000’ elevation), but not yet. We had a little last week (or the week before?), but it’s all gone now. I’m just hoping for a good ski season. As I tell myself every winter: At least it’s not New England!

It’s about 25 here as well, but should be getting up into the 60s today.