It Won't Look Psychotic If You're Wearing A Bluetooth

Here are some links for reviews of the Delton X9:

Not really sure about this one. Does anyone have one and have any first-hand experience with this one? The Amazon review reports ear fatigue during long-term use.

does this work with Iphone
Here’s the same keyboard for $10 cheaper.

[MOD: Looks the same but a different brand. Look at the picture of the bottom of the keyboard at your link and our photos. Ours is Hype with a one year warranty.]

The X9 looks a lot like a Motorola headset and also the Nokia BH-505.

I haven’t tried any of the models here, but I’ve spent over $1k on trying to find the “right” BT headset for me (spend 5-9 hours a day on the phone).

Ended up choosing the Nokia BH-505. Very few problems, pretty comfortable, good sound, great talk time and range from the phone. I will say that after about four hours straight wearing/using it I can get a bit of a headache if I don’t take a break, but most of the others I tried couldn’t even work that long.

How does the keyboard attach to your ear?

Oh, if only bluetooth devices worked with Skype on my phone :frowning:

Will any/all of these work with a PS3?

It doesn’t help if you blabber using more than one voice.

Actually if you’re in Santa Cruz, we have a large population of invisible friends. If you’re talking on your Bluetooth, we’ll just assume you are delusional (or privy to some mysterious being that the rest of us can’t see).

Did anyone else buy the Motorola H720 Bluetooth Headset? The Condition advertised was “Refurbished” but the two I received have a label that reads “Used, Like New.” Used…really?? I feel like I need to swab it down with alcohol before trying one on. :-/