Italian Diamond Cut Threader Earrings

Italian Diamond Cut Threader Earrings

I really wanted one of these. :frowning:

Shhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone but we’re having a leftovers event after the woot-off. They might be there.

I was wondering about the woot off after party

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Don’t tell anybody about the leftovers event.

(I’d have tagged more people, but the more people who know, the higher risk there is of people finding out.)



You were the baby of the family that couldn’t keep secrets, weren’t you?


Not the youngest, so…

Didn’t deny the blabbing bit though, I see. LOL

Since we are sharing secrets Any size 10 yeezys coming up or can I go to bed early :frowning:

I can keep a secret unlike some people.

I won’t tell anybody that you won’t tell anybody.

News sources recommend throwing out all leftovers that haven’t been frozen this far away from thanksgiving

I purposely didn’t tag @peaceetc, since I’m good at keeping secrets.

I don’t know what @thunderthighs is alluding to.

I’m good at keeping secrets, too. I won’t tell anyone you didn’t tell me about the leftovers.

Thank you.

Me thinks the leftovers should be marked down every minute until all are sold out. That or box them all up and sell them sight unseen in an auction.

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I would bid on that.

What am I, chopped liver? Good thing i’ve got detective skills!

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