Italian Hotel Collection 1000TC 6Pc Embroidered Sheet Set

The problem is that when you purchase anything from Woot and it is not as described, you have no recourse! You can’t send it back. So…I rarely order anything anymore, I’ve been disappointed too many times.

If this happens, please please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

We do not want you to keep an incorrect item.

There are some things that, unless you are positive about the exact match, are best seen and felt in person before the purchase. Sheets fit into this category.

Thread count is pretty much useless today when buying sheets because there is no universally agreed industry standard on what a “thread” is with sheets. [BTW: why are they called linens when there is no linen in any sheet except very expensive ones? Cotton is NOT linen (flax fiber)]

These may be good sheets, but I kinda doubt it. Most of the times I have found a product that boasts a high thread count these days I have found it to be a marketing tool to hype a crappy product [not unlike the use of the terms “organic” and “natural”, but that is a different thread altogether].

Caveat emptor!

ahhh TT … so many thoughts fly through my mind … about offering to let you
try out ---- run your hands over some 800tc Egyptian Cotton and even more surprising some 250tc Bamboo-cotton blend …
You’d never want to go
home ---- back to poly-cotton blend again … ever…
Tuesday Morning Stores are an amazing place for high quality sheets at actual human prices
sigh they’ve turned me into a sheet snob…
worse than Jack turning that poor guy in their radio ads into a fancy mushroom guy …

Oh darlin’. I have used 100% high-TC sheets for years. I wanted to try the blend sheets to see what the hubbub was about. I liked them.

Hey, I never heard of that store. So, I looked it up, looks like a very cool store and there is one, 15 miles away! Thanks!


People! I wouldn’t put alot of stock in a 1000 TC sheet. Most likely it’s not the actual count. According to Consumer Reports unless the thread is super thin your not going to fit that much thread on a loom. 400 TC is the max with good quality thread. I’ve bought 200 TC sheets at Ross that I have had for over a year and they are very soft. Beware there are alot of deceptive TC sheets out there.

I have sent back wrong items before, and items that came defective. Never an issue to return, and it usually comes with an apology and a coupon code for a better deal next time!

This is a very misleading deal, since the Egyptian cotton is only half the material…you still slide off the sheets with the polyester. When I re-checked and read past the 1000 TC Egyptian cotton and saw the actual 55%-45% composition, I tried to cancel within a few hours and was told that the order was already too far along to be cancelled. That I do not believe on a national holisday plus it normally takes Woot 3 to 5 days to actually ship something…I know from many years ordering and lots of money spent. I have lost faith in Woot and once that happens I can no longer feel comfortable ordering from them again. After several years and many thousands of dollars it is time to give Woot the Boot. I intend to tell their new parent Amazon of my experience as well.

I bought 2 sets of these…very disappointed. Not nearly the quality I was expecting for 1000 tc. I’ve had 1000 tc, and this does not even come close. I wouldn’t buy these again.

I too am very disappointed. The description they provided was very misleading and I wish I had read others comments before I made the purchase. The unrealistic suggested retail price mislead me as well. I think if they have to “fancy-up” there descriptions and to make a sale (with a no return policy) then Woot is not the place I will spend my money.

These sheets lost color the first time I slept on them. No…I don’t use any product…I’m a dude…I sweat…that’s it. It’s the first product I have bought from Woot that I have been COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED! Waste of money, got me for my hard earned money…now I have to watch out for Woot

I would stay clear of this deal this sheets are really bad. After just two uses they began to fall apart. They started out very smooth than after just two washer little balls of fabric began to form. DO NOT BUY!!. They are not that good of a deal and at least if you bought from a retailer could could still return these, WOOt says you are on your own after just 90 days. UGH…no more woot!! WOOT WOOT!!

1000tc sounds too high for my use
I like my sheets breathable, light for when i sleep
I also like my sheets breathable, light so they dry faster in my dryer

Poly I don’t mind as it seems to dry fast in the dryer (can do 2 sets of sheets in the dryer if there is some poly in there, can only do 1 set of sheets if it is 100% cotton and thick)